Client’s ABC

Placing an order

  1. First ask our sales manager for a price quote.
  2. Ordering will then be based on the quote and your order letter.
  3. You may submit your design files to Aktarepro on CD or DVD or send them by e-mail to jaanus@localhost.
  4. The easiest way, however, is to load the files to our FTP server at ftp.localhost; the username and password for that will be provided by Aktaprint. We appreciate informing our sales person of completion of the transfer.
  5. The most reliable and inexpensive way is to deliver your printing job as a PDF print file.
  6. Also design files (document files) may be submitted. In this case attention should be paid that all used fonts, pictures etc. were included. All popular layout and design programs for PC and MAC (Page Maker, Freehand, QuarkXPress, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator) are suitable.

PLEASE NOTE! that Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) is not suitable for prepress and we cannot accept source material in these programs.

Submitting copy

While preparing your work, please comply with the following instructions. 

  • Your printing job should be delivered in file format – the best options here being a composite-PDF file or a composite-PostScript (print) file. All common printer drivers are suitable for that.
  • When preparing the material, please ensure that the overprint is 3 – 5 mm (color has to exceed the cutting marks), cutting space is also added to the print file, the file name gave indication of the size of overprint and exact dimensions, the sequence of pages is maintained and pages not combined randomly.
  • All cutting and assembling marks will be added by us.
  • Please give your files simple and clear names and relate them to the content, if

Printout and color-proof (Sherpa 24M)

  1. · To avoid possible mistakes in design, layout, text etc, we recommend checking the printout which is printed directly from the file before preparing the printing plate and is free for our clients. The resolution of the printout is low and does not allow verification of the color balance.
  2. To do that, you need color-proof where hues are close to classical cromalin and also to the final result. Digital proof has to be included in the order according to the price list.

PLEASE NOTE! that computer screen cannot be trusted for color balance verification.


  1. With every order please provide a blueprint. This is essential in order to establish correspondence of the print with the requested results. The blueprint must be folded in exactly the same way as the requested final result.
  2. Aktaprint cannot assume responsibility for possible mistakes caused by failure to provide a blueprint.

Color-proof (sublimation): 20€ per A3.

Do not hesitate to ask for clarification!

Measure nine times and cut once!