Our product range also includes boxes and containers of different shapes, such as DVD and CD covers.

Brochures, magazines

We print brochures and magazines in glue binding, wire-o binding and staple binding (including loop binding). A brochure holds more text than a flyer or booklet and is ideal for promoting goods and services, as well as introducing the company.


A folder is a publication folded into two, three or more and in volume it is between a flyer and brochure. An outstanding folder is ideal for promoting goods and services.


Standard sizes for flyers are A4, A5, A6, A65 and it may be in one- or two-sided print. Flyers are ideal for promoting events, informing customers about discount etc.

Die-cut prints

We produce different die-cut prints, which are very useful for promotional purpose. We produce die-cut prints in various shapes and designs according to customer’s wishes.


We print posters in various sizes according to customer’s wishes. Posters are ideal for promoting events.


Our product range includes wall and desk calendars in various sizes and designs and in staple and wire-o binding.


We print postcards, invitations etc according to customer’s wishes. We use different technologies to make your postcards more special: foil, dripoff varnish, compressed print, UV varnish, laminate, different punching possibilities etc.

Document folders

Document folders are a good way to present your company’s documents in a solid and comfortable manner. According to client’s choice of material and form we produce document folders with or without decorations (eg company logo).


We print and produce both soft- and hard-back books. As every book is individual and special, we are sure with our sales manager’s help a perfect solution will be found for our customer.


Wobblers are very effective for attracting customers’ attention and advertising your goods and services. We produce wobblers according to customer’s desired shape, size and design.